Trump on Comey: "I Moved On Him Like A Bitch."

(Washington, D.C.)  President Donald Trump today revealed he attempted to get the investigation into former NSA Director Michael Flynn's ties to Russia shut down when he met privately with FBI Chief, James Comey and "I moved on him like a bitch."

"But, I couldn't get there," the President continued. "And, he was married (to his job.) Then, later when I see him, he's got this big investigation and everything. He's totally changed his look."

The President commented in response to Congressional testimony today from Comey in which the former head of the FBI testified that Mr. Trump asked him to end the investigation into Flynn, saying he hoped Comey could, "let the Flynn thing go." Some have concluded this constitutes obstruction of justice, but folks who know the President know that's just how he works.

"I better use some tic-tacs," the President said watching the testimony on TV. "In case, I start kissing him. I'm just attracted to beautiful...that's what I do. I start kissing them. And when you're a star, they just let you do it. Anything you want."

"I grab 'em by the testimony," the President concluded.

Brett Erickson