Bannon Using New Found Free Time To Get In Touch With Inner Nazi

(Washington D.C.).  Using his new found lack of anything to do, Presidential Advisor, Steve Bannon curled up with a cup of green tea and dove into his favorite book this week.

"This is actually a good thing," Bannon said of his recent demotion. "I've finally got some time for me. You know, I think sometimes you spend so much time exposing the global Zionist conspiracy you forget why you hate these people in the first place. So, this will be a good opportunity for me to get back in touch with that," he said.

Bannon was demoted this week from his top spot in the President's ear and replaced by Mr. Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner who is a Jew. "Yeah, that hurt. I'm not gonna lie," Bannon said. "To be replaced by someone who is definitely in on it. Whew, that was a blow. But, like Hitler said, 'when life hands you lemons, you make some Jews get into a boxcar.' And that's what I'm doing. I'm making some Jews get into the my heart."

The former website editor helped spur the popularity of Trump when he took over the campaign from former campaign manager Paul Manafort, who was corrupt enough-taking millions of dollars in payments from foreign entities and hiding them in shell companies-but didn't hate the Jews or the blacks or immigrants as much as a Populist leader like Trump needed. "I definitely came along at the right time," Bannon said. "Trump was floundering when I came in. A lot of the people I talked to at our weekly Klanathons weren't even going to vote. Once I got in there, they put down their cross lighting torches and went to the polls," he said.

Brett EricksonComment