Nunes Reduces Number Of Illegals Hired In California By Moving Family Farm To Iowa

(Tulare, CA) California Congressman and Trump loving patriot, Devin Nunes personally reduced the number of foreign rapists illegally hired in his district by moving his family farm to Iowa.

“Over there. I’m moving the farm over there, to Iowa.” - Devin Nunes.

“Over there. I’m moving the farm over there, to Iowa.” - Devin Nunes.

Local GOP leaders praised the move. “This is the kind of out-of-the-box thinking that so defines our party,” Republican Pap Sampson said from the edge of a Home Depot parking lot where he was hiring day labor for his almond farm outside Fresno. “If I could do the same thing, I would, It’s pretty smart when you think about it.”

The Congressman smiled when told of the praise he was receiving. “It makes me so happy,” he said. “Whenever I can do something to help people of my district like me, a local farm owner, I’ll do it,” he said.

As usual, the libs chose to ignore the numbers and whine about something else. “I can’t believe this,” Democrat Saul Finnegan said from his office in Tulare where the lawyer and local Dumbocratic party leader spends his days registering illegals to vote probably. “Now, he’s hiring undocumented workers in Iowa. He’s doing the same thing, just somewhere else!” he said.

”They just don’t getr it,” Sampson responded shaking his head. “Looks like another snowflake gets triggered.”

Brett Erickson