Republicans Hosting Fewer Town Halls. Already Know What People Want

America -- Republican members of Congress cancelled town hall meetings this week after realizing they already know what their constituents want them to do.

"It's silly to go through all the hassle of organizing a meeting, and actually going to it, just so thousands of people can tell me to do something," Congressman Jason Chaffetz said from his office in Salt Lake City. "Especially when they're just going to yell at me to do something different than what I already know they want. Doesn't make sense."

Other officials stressed the rancor evident at some of these town halls where constituents are worried Congress may repeal the Affordable Care Act and kick them off their health insurance. "Some of these people are really mean and hurt my feelings," Congressman Tom Cotton said from the couch of his office in Little Rock, AK. "Makes me not want to go out there,' he added grabbing the red crayon and coloring in a fire truck in the coloring book his staff got for him after a recent contentious town hall.

Rep. Darrel Issa (R) after a recent town hall meeting in his home district.

Rep. Darrel Issa (R) after a recent town hall meeting in his home district.

"Is that good? You ok, Tommy? Can we get you anything else?" aide Rita Stephenson gently through the door to Cotton's office where the Congressman now stays to feel safe. "It's brutal out there," she said. "Very scary for a Republican member of Congress or the Senate. We've found it's best if we just keep him inside."

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