Trump Learns Black Person’s Name

Trump and black person moments after the president remembered his name in a conversation.

Trump and black person moments after the president remembered his name in a conversation.

(Washington, DC)  In response to criticism that he didn’t know the name of an African-American soldier killed in combat during his call to the soldier’s wife, Donald Trump learned the name of a black man this week and was able to recall that name minutes later.

”It wasn’t easy, believe me,” Trump said from the White House just hours after being introduced to and then remembering the name of Karl Thompson, an African-American that was visiting from Delaware. “A lot of them have really weird names, but luckily this one had a normal one,” he said.

 The introduction and subsequent remembering further cement Trump’s position as a leader capable of wonderful things, even things that don’t directly benefit him. “Look, there’s no reason for the president to remember black people’s names, as they have no role in our government currently, but the president was able to do it anyway and I think that shows a real depth of character and caring that emanates from him.” White House Spokesperson Sarah Huckabee-Sanders said in a press briefing this morning. “There is absolutely no reason to do this, but he did it anyway and that’s just who he is. He cares about all Americans, even the blacks.”

For Thompson, the introduction came as a surprise. “I was here just to see the White House,” he said after the meeting. “I wanted to come when Obama was president, but just couldn’t make it happen. Then when Trump got in I thought, I better get there quick. The world could end any second.”

For Trump, remembering a black person’s name is an important step going forward. “It could come in real handy,” he said. “A lot of the servers and caddies at my golf courses are blacks. They’re good at that kind of stuff. They really are. Knowing a few of their names could really make things easy for me.”

Brett EricksonComment