Neo-Nazis' Moms Spend Weekend Washing Crusty Cum-Soaked Gym Socks

(The Trailer Park)  With their sons away in Charlottesville, mothers of America's Neo-Nazis spent the weekend tidying their boys' rooms, even washing the filthy jizz-laden tube socks their little Hitlers masturbate into and hide under their beds.

"He doesn't like it when I come in here," Nazi mom Karla Bennett said from the basement bedroom of her little boy, 28-year-old Travis. "So I'm actually glad he's out this weekend. Gives me a chance to get in there and clean it up a little bit." Travis Bennett was still in Virginia waiting for his mom to send him bus fare for the trip back to the holler they call home. "I might just leave him there for a few more days," Bennett said reaching under her grown son's bed,  "I need more time here to clean. He can be SO messy. There's old sandwich crusts and pizza boxes in there. And that sock under the bed. Ewww, I know it's natural for a young boy of 28 to explore his body, but still 'ewww' you know? I guess, that's a mother's duty: cleaning up after their son so he can do the things he wants like play video games or promote racial hatred and white purity."

"My wash is almost entirely crusty semen-stained socks," Mary Alburton said from her boys room in the back of her trailer in Dothan Alabama. "I don't know why he can't use the same one more than once, but he can't," she said filling her laundry basket with the hard, crunchy footwear. "I mean, c'mon, this is ridiculous. He doesn't even wear shoes more than a day or two after wash day because he's already out of socks to wear under them. I tell him, 'ever heard of a tissue?' He just yells, "Ma, get out of here! Geez!' But, what are you gonna do, you know?"

Many of the moms are unsure of what it is their sons are doing in Virginia. "He's always blathering about racial purity and the superiority of the white race,"  mom Fiona Carlton said about her boy, 32-year old Kevin who lives with her in her trailer in northern Florida. "On and on about how caucasians are Chosen by God and how Hitler was his hero. I'm just like, 'Really? You want to be like Hitler? Well, Hitler had a girlfriend. He didn't make his mom wash all his shame socks."




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