Trump: "Of Course, The White House Is A Dump, Whites Weren't Allowed To Build It."

(Washington, D.C.)  Billionaire President Donald J. Trump shot down Libtarded journalists who sought to do him harm by repeating a comment he made on a golf course recently, that the White House was, "a real dump." Trump pointed out that the reason for the White House dumpiness is that it was built by blacks through America's first anti-white Affirmative Action program known as slavery.

Slavery, which whites were never allowed to participate in except in minor roles as "masters" was a popular program in the first half of the nation's history that allowed immigrants from Africa to achieve hear 100% employment. Through this program blacks were able to procure prime construction jobs like the building of the nation's most famous residence.

"Had whites been allowed to build this shithole, it would be a lot nicer, believe me," Trump said from one of the 35 bathrooms blacks were lucky enough to have constructed for him. "If it were up to me we'd eliminate all these Affirmative Action programs that do nothing but discriminate against wonderful, wonderful whites who work so hard, but constantly get discriminated against."

Whites, along with Christians, have succeeded in this country despite clearly being the most discriminated against group in history. Many other groups often claim to be discriminated against but we all know that's just making excuses for their inferior abilities. Now with a self-made man like Donald J. Trump in the White House those inequities are finally changing.

Brett Erickson