"What Do Jews Even Look Like?"

(Kearney, Neb.) White people who for some reason consistently vote against their own best interests expressed worry today that they might not be able to properly hate ethnicities they don't instantly recognize. "I mean, what do Jews even look like? I don't know. We ain't got none 'round here," Clemet McGarr of Cheddarsburg commented recently while googling Zionist Banker Cabal images on his Dell home pc. 

"With the blacks it's easy," his wife yelled from the kitchen. "With them you can tell right off. Cause they're black." she said taking her peach cobbler out of the oven.

"Yeah, you're right," McGarr yelled back. "But with Jews, it ain't as easy. How do yo tell? Big nose? Yeah, sure, but lots of people have big noses. Why one time, the wife and I watched a whole series on HBO about big-nosed Jews that ran a criminal enterprise in New Jersey, only to find out later, "The Sopranos" was about Italians'" he said saying it like "eye-talians."

Not Jews, apparently.

Not Jews, apparently.

"I mean, we want to hate and be afraid, don't get me wrong. But, sometimes it's just so hard when you ain't got none around here to look at," he continued. "I was thinkin' that maybe the bank could bus some in on, like Saturdays or somethin', so we could get a good look at 'em."

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