Trump Wins On Healthcare! (Just Give Us A Minute Here To Figure Out How)

WASHINGTON, DC --  President Donald J. Trump and the GOP won another battle against the LIbtards and Dumbocrats when the new American Health Care Act they wrote was not voted on today. This is an obvious win for Trump in that, um....well, it uh...keeps, LOOK...KILLARY HAS FANGS!

Sources confirmed that Trump and the GOP are the winners here, it's just that we're not exactly sure how. Point is, of course though, that Trump and the GOP won and the Dems lost. That's what happened, no matter how it looks to the LAMESTREAM MEDIA!

Oh, about this? Trump and the GOP win because now the 24 million people who would have lost their health insurance with this new bill will remain insured. Yeah, that's it. Thanks to the wisdom of Donald J. Trump and the Republican Party, all the people who got insurance under that Muslim traitor will get to keep it for the time being. This is a good thing. Thanks, Mr. Trump!

A couple things that Republicans stressed were important when talking about the lack of a vote on their signature first bill under the Trump administration are Benghazi, her emails, lock her up, and, of course, Benghazi.


Brett Erickson