Montana GOP Adopts New Slogan: "Kick His Ass, Seabass!"

(Helena, MT)  Looking to capitalize on their state's new embrace of a Violence First attitude, Montana Republican's today adopted a new slogan. "Kick His Ass, Seabass!" became the party's official mantra in a ceremony at the state capital.

"That character in that movie that said that, he was a REAL American!" Montanan Piper Gillespie said while choking a passerby who asked for the time. "I'll tell you what time it is, motherfucker. It's go time." the diminutive mother of three explained as her children watched.

The move by the Grand Old Party comes on the heels of the victory by Republican Greg Gianforte over Democrat Rob Quist in the state's Special Congressional Election Thursday despite Gianforte's choke-slam of a liberal reporter who asked him a question.

"You ask me a fuckin' question, it's fucking GO time," Gillespie repeated. "You get in my face, it's  fuckin' GO time. You hold the door for me at the 7-11 while I struggle to carry a cumulative 144 oz of soda, it's GO time. You honk at me at a green light, it's GO time. It's basically always GO time is my point."

"Kick His Ass, Seabass!" replaces the state GOP's old motto, "Wine 'em. Dine 'em. Sixty-Nine 'em." which replaced their first ever motto, "Fuck Idaho."

Brett EricksonComment