CryBaby Libs Triggered By Moore’s Brave Non-Concession

(Birmingham, AL)  American Patriot and should-be Senator Roy Moore’s brave refusal to concede the Alabama special election this week has caused precious liberal snowflakes no end of distress. 

Moore, who got nearly 49% of the vote despite being the victim of a Soros-funded smear campaign, has refused to concede the election to Communist Doug Jones calling the race “close.” “The Lord works in mysterious ways,” Moore whispered to his horse Sassy in the stable where he spends most of his time now. “I’ve got to do through Him what Him wants me to do. And I think that is to go on, as if I’d won because I can’t really deal with not, you know?”

A courageous Roy Moore refusing to ride off quietly into the sunset.

A courageous Roy Moore refusing to ride off quietly into the sunset.

This brave stance has triggered liberals across the country. “I don’t understand what he’s doing,” said liberal idiot Cal Findleman of the Lena Dunham Institute For UnAmerican Causes. “It’s not like there needs to even be a recount or anything. It’s not even close,” he cried and cried and cried and cried.

The same precious whimpering could be heard at the Crybaby News Network (CNN) where known homosexual Anderson Cooper sobbed, “He lost fair and square, the honorable thing to do would be to respect that and concede.” But, much to his dismay, no such concession seems forthcoming. “It just doesn’t make sense,” Cooper continued fairily. “It’s like he doesn’t live in reality,” he added unaware that the reality Moore refuses to live in is one that considers the opinions of gays on anything but shoe fashion and party planning. 

Being so affected by Christian Patriotism is a common symptom of the disease of liberalism. “They just hate Jesus and America, so anytime they see someone sticking up for both, they just lose it,” FOX News host and all-around good guy, Sean Hannity said on his show “Hannity” Friday. “Liberals hate people with principles and that’s one thing Roy has. He may not have the votes. In fact, it’s obvious he doesn’t, but he’s got principles and that’s what Obama and Hillary didn’t have. Benghazi.”


Brett EricksonComment