Ahead Of Putin Meeting, Trump Consults Rod Stewart On How To Handle Stomach Full of Cum

(Hamburg, Germany) Knowing he'll be ingesting a lot of another man's semen tomorrow, President Trump today met with rock star Rod Stewart for advice on how to handle it.  Stewart famously blew his entire band once in the 70's according to a story you heard in middle school.

"I'm meeting with Putin soon and I will, for sure, be sucking a lot of jizz out of his penis," Trump said. "I don't want to embarrass myself or the United States by burping it back up onto his chiseled stomach like some amateur. Rod has swallowed a lot of cum over the years. He's the go-to guy on this kind of thing. Believe me."

Stewart, for what it's worth, has always denied the legendary story that had him fellating his entire band and then having to have his stomach pumped. "It never happened," he said from his home in London.

Trump meets with Putin for the first time ever Friday and many expect the sparks to fly. "He's just so great," Trump said from the G20 Summit in Hamburg where the meeting will take place. "So great, I can't wait to put him in my mouth. I'm going to suck him off like he's never been sucked off before. I assure you."