Wholesome American Patriot Subjected To Black People Behaving Normally


(Wichita, KS)  A respectable American mother of two was exposed to an entire family of dark-skinned African people behaving in a completey normal way this week. The hero survived the attack only when she called police to report the threat.

Patriotic Christian Mindy Robinson is thankful to be alive after she was threatened by a mass of suspicious looking blacks picnicking at a local park.

”I’m just glad my kids are okay,” Robinson said, still shaking from the encounter. “I was just walking my children to their tennis lessons, when I saw the group eating and laughing in the grass like it was no big deal. They were acting like they should be able to do this all the time.”

Calm was restored to the scene when police arrived. “That’s when I finally felt safe,” Robinson said. “When the officers arrived, that’s when I finally let go of the children.”

According to police, no charges were filed against the horde as they were doing nothing even remotely unacceptable. “We had to let ‘em loose,” sheriff’s deputy Clanton B. Fisk said when reached for comment. “They were let off without so much as even a warning as everything they were doing was completely predictable and above-board.” The deputy paused for a moment to collect himself. “Let’s just hope it doesn’t happen again.”

For her part, Robinson is trying to remain strong. “I’ll still go to the park,” she said bravely. “That’s where tennis practice is, so, terrifying as it may be, I’ve got to go through there. I mean, if I don’t, they win.”


Brett EricksonComment